Davis PPC Consulting was established in 2014 to provide expert Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising account management services at an affordable price.

There are three very good reasons to hire a PPC marketing consultant:

  • To work with someone whose expertise can generate a higher return on your ad investment (translation: you will make more money).
  • To work with someone who will charge significantly less for the same work that you would get from an agency (translation: you will save money).
  • To work with someone who knows how to maximize each online direct marketing channel (search, display, shopping ads, remarketing, etc.) so that each can grow in the correct proportion relative to each other and your offline marketing efforts (translation: your business will grow).

The core values of Davis PPC Consulting are:

  • Always adhere to true best practices.
  • Always aim for the best possible results, not just acceptable results.
  • Maintain clear objectives, goals, strategies, tactics, and measurable results for each client.
  • All client accounts can be improved.
  • Set and meet high internal expectations and set and exceed high client expectations.

Hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm Eastern Time. Communication (calls or emails) will not take place outside of those hours. All calls are made or received by appointment only.

Your contact information will never be shared with any third parties or added to any automated email lists. Please see the Privacy Policy for more information.