Get More For Less

Expert PPC management for $75/hour (5-hour monthly minimum).

No Contracts or Commitments

Services are month-to-month and can expand or decrease as needed.

Low-Cost 1st Month

The first month is the busiest, but only pay the minimum ($375).

Don’t PAY for clicks until after you’ve done these FREE things:

1) Set up Google Analytics to track website visitors.
2) Set up Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager.
3) Set up Google Search Console (a free SEO-related tool).
4) Set up Google My Business (to get onto Google Maps).
5) Set up Google Merchant Center (for ecommerce websites).

Then you MAY be ready for Google Ads. You don’t want to spend money promoting a website that does a poor job generating customers. Measure how well it does with free visitors before paying to bring people to your website.

Schedule a FREE consultation to learn more about getting free set up assistance with any or all of these other Google products.

If you’re already running ads on Google, get a free account audit. And after that, Google Ads account management is $75/hour.


Since 2014, Davis PPC Consulting has been helping businesses large and small in a wide range of industries successfully promote their products or services on Google.

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